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22 May 2022 18:21


Kardeşlerim series fans left their hearts at this scene, watching it over and over again!

New ones are added to the successful performance of the series called Kardeşlerim (meaning: My Brothers), which was broadcast on the ATV screen. The series, which continues on its way with its strong story and impressive cast, is expected to take its place on the screen in the third season. Step by step towards the season finale, Kardeşlerim was on the screen on the evening of March 19 with its 44th episode.

Fans of the series Kardeşlerim especially loved the scene, which includes the special moments and misfortunes of Asiye and Doruk together… The character of Nebahat Atakul, played by Simge Selçuk, was the person who ended the excitement of meeting the couple at home in the 44th episode. Of course, this situation brought a scene full of humor.

The duo of Onur Seyit Yaran and Su Burcu Yazgı Coşkun became a very successful TV series couple. The characters of Doruk and Asiye stole the hearts of the fans of the series as well… Every scene of the duo is breaking records. Support for the characters Doruk and Asiye, who are constantly on the agenda in the social media environment, never decreases.

In the special scene in the 44th episode of Kardeşlerim series, Doruk and Asiye fans had fun and shared comments on social media that they couldn’t help watching these moments over and over again.

A series of fans commented: “I can watch it a thousand times without being lazy just for Doruk’s looks. I left my heart on the stage.”

Stating that they have been waiting for these moments for weeks, the fans of the series also sent a message to the screenwriters. Seeing a happy Asiye and Doruk on their own, without third parties, without flashbacks, boosted the morale of the fans.

The fans of the series, who find these states of Asiye and Doruk, who act like married couples and do both cooking and homework together, extremely beautiful, left comments saying, “It would have been better if Nebahat had not come, but this is also beautiful.”

Kardeşlerim TV series, which aired on Saturday nights, continues to receive good ratings and gather millions of fans on the screen.

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