Kardeşlerim series is proud of another great success!
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28 January 2023 16:10


Kardeşlerim series is proud of another great success!

2 million joys of Kardeşlerim TV series team… Kardeşlerim, which met with the audience in February 2021, has achieved great success since then. The series, which was broadcast on Saturday evenings, won first place many times.

The characters of the series, in which young actors stand out with their successful performances, have greatly influenced social media. Many characters from the story of Kardeşlerim, such as Doruk and Asiye characters, have been the most talked about names on social media for months. The series has a successful story and is presented with a very good plot.

These successes of the TV series, Kardeşlerim, on the screen and on social media have spread to youtube as well… The official youtube channel for the series has exceeded 2 million subscribers… It has been revealed how much the TV series, Kardeşlerim, influenced the audience, reaching this number in a short time like 8, which is a dream for many TV series. .

On YouTube, it is generally thought that younger viewers follow episodes and trailers. Many fans of Kardeşlerim series of all ages follow the youtube channel and support both by subscribing and watching the videos millions of times.

In fact, the total number of views of the videos broadcast on the official channel of the series broke a record as 1 billion 49 million… This great interest of the audience did not go unnoticed as a proof of the success of the series.

The success of reaching 2 million subscribers was announced by preparing a special clip from the footage of the series. Kardeşlerim series team also thanked all the viewers.

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