Kardeşlerim TV series fans are here! New season trailer has arrived!
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29 September 2022 10:26


Kardeşlerim TV series fans are here! New season trailer has arrived!

It’s almost time for the new season episodes of Kardeşlerim, ATV’s series that connects millions of people to the screen with its sometimes sad and sometimes hopeful warm story. While the fans of the series continue the countdown for the first episode, the first promotion from the new season fell on social media.

The shooting of the second season of the series, which has a huge fan base, continues at full speed. The cast, who took a vacation for about two months, came together again on the set.

In the meantime, the first promotional film of the new season of the series was also shared on social media. It is understood from the first promotion that the audience will burst into tears again. In the last episode of the first season, Kadir was detained without charge and entered the prison. His brothers, on the other hand, watched with tears when their eldest brother, who was their greatest protector, was taken away by the police. Here is the promotional video…

Nazlı Can Çetin, one of the Miss Turkey 2019 finalists, has been included in the cast of the series, while Akif’s illegitimate son Kaan will be played by the young and handsome actor Eren Ören. Kaan will especially confuse Asiye and Doruk, who are in great love. Nilsu Yılmaz, who is newly included in the series, will also give life to the character of Cemile Akgün.

According to the reports, a sister of Suzan’s character, played by Ahu Yağtu, will appear in the new season. It has been announced that Berna will be included in the story as the aunt of her wonderful character, but the name to portray this character has not been announced yet.

Kardeşlerim TV series, whose fans are looking forward to the start of the new season, will soon be on ATV screens on Saturday evenings.

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