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16 May 2022 18:57


Kasaba Doktoru didn’t make a bright debut in the ratings, but its success on YouTube is promising!

The first episode of TRT 1’s new series, Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor), came to the screen on Friday, April 8th. Adapted from the South Korean drama Dr.Romantic, the series entered the rating race very quickly. Kasaba Doktoru also achieved great success on social media.

The series, who tells the story of Hakan, who went to a small town hospital after the tragedy he experienced in a big hospital, and his struggles with his assistants Ömer and Leyla, was awaited with great excitement for a very long time, especially due to its ambitious cast. The first episode of the series, starring Ozan Akbaba, Hazal Subaşı and Deniz Can Aktaş, came to the screen on Friday, April 8th.

The Kasaba Doktoru had a not-so-bad introduction to the ratings war with its first episode. The series, who ranked second in the AB group with its first episode, took the seventh place with its below-average ratings in the category of all people. The TRT1 series took the fourth place on ABC1.

However, the Kasaba Doktoru had a tremendous success on social media. The first episode of the series, which was broadcast on YouTube, exceeded 1 million views in just one day. On the second day, it reached 1.5 million views. This is interpreted as a sign that the series will increase its ratings in the coming days.

Sinan Albayrak, Barış Yıldız, Özgün Karaman, Sinan Demirer, Tarık Uğur Özenbaş, Barış Yalçın, Özgür Cem Tuğluk, Alptekin Ertürk, Sultan Ulutaş, Fatih are also in the cast of the series, which was directed by Arda Sarıgün and written by İlker Aslan and Barış Erdoğan. Yücebağ and Vildan Atasever.

In the TV series Kasaba Doktoru, the talented and promising Ömer (Deniz Can Aktaş), who decided to become a doctor after losing his father, and the surgeon Hakan (Ozan Akbaba), who devoted himself to saving lives, cross paths in a town hospital far from the city.

The second episode of theKasaba Doktoru series will be on TRT 1 on Friday, April 15.

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