Kayra Zabcı, who has just started the Alparslan series, is both critical and supportive!
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29 September 2022 09:39


Kayra Zabcı, who has just started the Alparslan series, is both critical and supportive!

The Alparslan Great Seljuk series started its second season on TRT1 screens. After it was revealed that Fahriye Evcen would not continue the series, the new female lead character was curious. Finally, this name was announced as Kayra Zabcı and the character of Seferiye Hatun appeared in front of the audience with the second season.

The viewers, who liked the performance of the young actress Kayra Zabcı in the 28th episode, shared messages of support for the actress. Seferiye Hatun’s strong and stubborn personality was another development that pleased the audience.

However, some fans of the series made comments criticizing the young actress, arguing that Fahriye Evcen was the replacement. Although the majority of supporters of Kayra Zabcı are in the majority, it should be said that criticism also takes place on social media.

A series of fans said, “I loved Seferiye Hatun. It’s very nice, Kayra suits the series. It will be better in the coming episodes,” she commented. Many fans of the series also commented that the young actress’s job was not easy, but that she made a good start and that they liked the character.

The viewers, who are very curious about what will happen between Seferiye Hatun and Alparslan, have already started to think that the second season of the series will be quite exciting.

It was also an impressive scene that Seferiye Hatun injured Alparslan with a dagger in the very first episode.

While fans of Fahriye Evcen are saddened by the actor’s departure, many TV series fans state that they like the new character.

Expressing that such a tough female character would suit the character of Alparslan, the audience believes that if the story is handled well, Kayra Zabcı has a potential to stand out in the second season.

Fans of the Alparslan series celebrate Barış Arduç’s acting success with his comments on social media.

Stating that the series adds a different atmosphere to Barış Arduç and that he portrays the character very successfully, the audience also shares their appreciation of the famous actor by saying, “He is not playing his role, he is almost living”.

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