Artists News Kenan İmirzalıoğlu’s morale is very bad!

Kenan İmirzalıoğlu’s morale is very bad!


‘Mehmed The Conqueror’ series made the final..

Kenanİmirzalıoğlu, the leading actor in the series, is experiencing great morale.

Actor will get morale by dating his wife SinemKobal.

“Mehmed The Conqueror”, which is shared by BüşraDeveli, Çeti Tekindor and ErtanSaban, is in the final of the sixth part of Kenanİmirzalıoğlu’s main awards.

The high-budget project will come to the screen for the last time. He, allegedly sad, went to Marmaris with his wife SinemKobal.

The couple, who has spent time with their colleague OlgunSimsek and his family, will then have a long holiday.

Kenanİmirzalioglu, known for his admiration for the sea, will travel with his wife to the Aegean islands.

Talking about wanting to spend time in the sea to listen to the actor’s head and to save morale.

SinemKobal’s latest role, ‘Face to Face’, was also the victim of the rating and was removed from the scene in the second episode.