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5 July 2022 11:01


Kerem Bürsin disclosed the inequality between men and women in the TV series industry!

Famous actor Kerem Bürsin increased his popularity with his lover, Hande Erçel, in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı. Kerem Bürsin, who has fans in many countries of the world, cooperated with the He For She movement to support women’s rights.

Kerem Bürsin, who clearly stated that there is an inequality between men and women in the TV series industry, seems to initiate great debates on this issue. The actor said the following about this inequality situation: “Which sector does not? It is in most industries. It’s in my industry, too. I don’t want to burden the screenwriters, scripts are written on demand. But that’s what the stories we’ve built exist. This is the character distribution. Heroes are in the characters we coded.”

Kerem Bürsin also admitted that there are differences between male and female actors in terms of remuneration in the TV series industry. Referring to the fact that the actors did not talk about how much they were paid among themselves, the actor used the following statements:

“I wasn’t the lead in the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı”. It was the story of the character Eda, Hande was the lead role. Of course, there is inequality related to wages. But this is not talked about. We don’t know who got what. But even if there is such an inequality, the producer, manager and actor should also raise their voices…”

Stating that there is a great inequality behind the camera, the actor mentioned that men take part in the distribution of work in most of the sets.

Kerem Bürsin said, “I have acted in many TV series so far. I came across one female camera assistant. I came across one female cinematographer. I also had the opportunity to work with one female director.”

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