Hazal Kaya is unable to contain herself! Another wish comes true!
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2 February 2023 20:56


Hazal Kaya is unable to contain herself! Another wish comes true!

Famous actress Hazal Kaya learned that she was pregnant towards the finale of Bizim Hikaye (Our Story), and took a break from all her projects for a long time. Hazal Kaya, who is married to actor-director-musician Ali Atay, gave birth to their son Fikret Ali in November 2019. In the following process, with the entry into the pandemic process due to Covid-19, the actress also took a break from her projects.

In the summer of 2020, she was happy to take part in a project she had dreamed of for a long time. Hazal Kaya, her close friend Aslı Kızmaz’s “Benden Ne Olur?” After reading her book, she told the author that she wanted to play this character if she was filmed while reading the crazy Sertab Bal, the protagonist of the novel.

Aslı Kızmaz, who was pregnant during the adaptation of the novel into a movie, was also told, mixed with some jokes and reproaches, because she could not take a role in the movie that she wanted to play so much.

In one of her interviews, the actress admitted that there was a mishap and he had to shoot for a while to act in the movie. Hazal Kaya’s wish came true and the shooting of the movie stopped during that time.

In the summer after Kaya gave birth to her son, the lead role was finally offered to her as the preparations for the film began. The name of the movie she wants to be in so much is the same as the novel. Nur Fettahoğlu, Onur Tuna and Enis Arıkan also starred as Hazal Kaya’s older sister in the movie.

The long-awaited “Benden Ne Olur?” The poster of the movie was finally released. The long and exciting wait is coming to an end for both those who are curious about the movie and Hazal Kaya!

With the announcement of the screening date, Hazal Kaya shared the vision date of the movie, which she got one more wish, on her Instagram page. The movie hits theaters on January 14.

Here is the trailer of the movie…

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