Series News Kerem Bürsin fell asleep while reading the script!

Kerem Bürsin fell asleep while reading the script!


The famous actor Kerem Bürsin is currently starting a new series with Hande Erçel. Shooting of the series called Sen Çal Kapımı will start in June.

The actor is excited for his new series. At the same time, the actor, who met his partner Hande Erçel for the first time in reading rehearsals, made praise for her.

Kerem Bürsin explained some details about his old series in the chat program he attended on youtube during this period when he was preparing new series.

The actor, who played a role in the highly acclaimed Matter of Respect series, said that the work of the screenwriters was very difficult.

In addition to Kerem Bürsin; Famous names such as Şükrü Özyıldız, Yasemin Allen, Şükran Ovalı and Burcu Biricik took part. The series, which lasted a total of 26 episodes, was an adaptation.

For the series, adapted from the Italian L’onore el il Rispetto, there was a lot of talk from the actor.

Kerem Bürsin, who made his name known as Waiting for the Sun, directed by Altan Dönmez, again worked in the series with the same director. However, the actor admitted for the first time that he could not finish and fell asleep while reading the script.

Series of the Italian original was 35 minutes, adaptations version in Turkey was around 120 minutes. Kerem Bürsin explained that the scriptwriters had a great job in terms of time and that their work was very difficult.

“I think our screenwriters were very successful in that regard,” the actor also criticized:

“If the filmmakers heard it right now, he could get angry. They had given me the episodes, I always opened the first episode and fell asleep. I couldn’t finish it. The guy in the original didn’t care too much. I didn’t watch his friend. A very different world, a different world here, too. the character will be completely different.

I didn’t watch him. I’m sure he was fine. I did this, I listened to crazy music of the original, they had very good music. Music at such a pace is the most important thing for me.”

Kerem Bürsin stated that he was uncomfortable watching him on the screen.

Kerem Bürsin, who explained that it was heavy for the psychology of starting the Matter of Respect series as soon as I was Waiting for the Sun, said, “Because you want time. You want to change. But time is very limited. I felt that I put a lot of burden on myself at first. I was crying after almost every shot.”

Kerem Bürsin, who said that the Matter of Respect series has a very special place in himself, added that the production was finished right on the spot.