The only point where Ozan Akbaba played with the character of İlyas
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30 September 2022 19:01


The only point where Ozan Akbaba played with the character of İlyas

The situation that the character sticks on the player is also valid for Ozan Akbaba. The actor, who has been in The Bandits series for 5 seasons, is now being evaluated by the audience over this character.

Stating that the character is not satisfied with the sticking of the player and that every player will want a change, Ozan Akbaba is also happy to be İlyas Çakırbeyli.

The actor explained his opinion on this subject with the following words: “Nobody plays this role by force. Since I still want to play, I have not lost my excitement because I have played this role.

There may be professional reasons. I love İlyas, I love The Bandits series. Since I have been playing İlyas as an actor for 5 years, I am naturally hungry for other characters. ”

Stating that the players should understand their content, Ozan Akbaba said, “Players are people who love variability, who constantly have to change themselves and constantly upgrade their equipment.”

Stating that the character of İlyas Çakırbeyli is not reflected in his daily life, Ozan Akbaba said, “Maybe I may be using better weapons than İlyas. The point we are similar to, we both love guns. But of course in a sporty sense. It is not like a maganda out of the street. ”

Speaking diligently in order not to cause a misunderstanding like İlyas Çakırbeyli’s character, he does not use a gun on the street, Ozan Akbaba said that he loves firearms and goes to the polygon to train.

This is the most important similarity between Ozan Akbaba and İlyas Çakırbeyli …

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