Artists News Kerem Bürsin’s feet are firmly on the ground, making Turkey proud in every way!

Kerem Bürsin’s feet are firmly on the ground, making Turkey proud in every way!


The acceleration of the spread of Turkish serials abroad brought along important opportunities for Kerem Bürsin, like many actors. Kerem Bürsin, who took part in a joint project with Alvaro Morte, the star of La Casa De Papel, also met the famous Spanish actor. Alvaro Morte, nicknamed The Professor, gained a large fan base with La Casa De Papel.

The admiration of Kerem Bürsin, which has spread all over the world with the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” (Love is in the Air), continues to increase. The actor, who influenced large audiences in Spain, is now well-known in this country and therefore it has become easier to take part in projects. Kerem Bürsin’s visits to Spain were also very productive in terms of meeting with famous names, making new collaborations and showing the love of his fans.

The actor, who went to Spain many times, especially in 2022, has been on the agenda of the Spanish media one after the other, and this opens the door for new projects to come. Kerem Bürsin said that Turkish TV series had a great success in Spain as well as in many countries.

The famous actor said, “Our TV series are talked about a lot in Spain, they are watched a lot. Therefore, thanks to this, I think there will be job opportunities between both countries. We have opportunities for people like me to do joint work. This is also important, I think. Here, too, we can represent our country in a different way.”

Kerem Bürsin, who is aware of the need to master the Spanish language in order to be permanent in Spain, said that good things will happen.

Kerem Bürsin said, “There is an opportunity like a movie soon. That’s why I’m going to learn Spanish gradually. My concern is to be a Turkish actor here. He is more important to me. Representing our country in such things is the most important thing,” he said.

Pointing out the importance of promoting Turkish culture, people and country abroad in some way, Kerem Bürsin said, “This is a very good thing. Because the reflections are beautiful. It is a nice and beautiful thing,” he said.

Kerem Bürsin said that everyone in the streets showed interest in him and said, “Everyone is very sweet, very respectful, everybody welcomes him very warmly.”