The roles of the famous couple have changed! Pelin Akil's series is over, it's Anıl Altan's turn!
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9 December 2022 12:29


The roles of the famous couple have changed! Pelin Akil’s series is over, it’s Anıl Altan’s turn!

Famous couple Pelin Akil and Anıl Altan are one of the famous couples who continue their happiness with their children. The couple, who make millions of fans happy with their posts on social media and try to raise their awareness on various issues, continues to take part in different projects in front of the camera for many years.

The famous couple, who have twin daughters named Alin and Lina, are drawing a balanced career plan with each other in terms of working. Whoever is involved in a project, the other is engaged in the care of children and housework. This process has been going on for years.

Pelin Akil had a successful season with the character of Isabel in the TRT1 TV series Barbaroslar this season. While Pelin Akil, who left the series, was evaluating the new projects that came to her, now it was her husband Anıl Altan’s turn to take new steps in his career.

Anıl Altan, who returned to the series for a short time as a guest actor in the TV series Aşk Mantık İntikam (Love Logic Revenge) this season, will appear in front of the camera with a feature film in the summer.

The shooting of the movie Son Dilek (Last Wish), starring Anıl Altan, will begin at the end of June. Two influential actresses, Ceyda Ateş and Seda Akman, also take the lead roles in the movie Son Dilek, in which the state of the world will be told through the eyes of a child growing up without a father.

Erkan Bektaş and Ümit Acar are among the names that Anıl Altan, whom we will watch in the story with Tolga’s character, will act together.

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