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13 August 2022 05:42


Kerem Bürsin’s success set an example for many celebrities!

Famous actor Ümit Kantarcılar had attracted attention in the TV series Vuslat on the TRT1 screen in the previous season. In the summer of 2021, the actor, who took the lead role in the romantic comedy series Kazara Aşk, took a rest after the 13-episode project.

Kazara Aşk, which was broadcast on Star TV and canceled due to its low ratings, was a romantic comedy story. Ümit Kantarcılar also starred with Sude Güler in the lead role.

Another romantic comedy series, Sen Çal Kapımı, reached a large fan base not only in our country but also abroad. Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel also increased their popularity with this series.

Kerem Bürsin’s visit to Spain’s Canary Islands and his enthusiastic welcome by his fans also impressed Ümit Kantarcılar. Upon the question, the actor wished for more names like Kerem Bürsin and said:

“Happy are we. It means that the works we do are works that have a value both in our country and in the world. Kerem went and they welcomed him very well. Actually, we are not metaphors. We can do everything perfectly in terms of talent, ability and physics, and this has a counterpart in the world. Now the Turkish market also has a place in the world. Hopefully these numbers will increase. People like Kerem go abroad, they represent us there, everything will be great.”

Explaining that he is trying to do his job, Ümit Kantarcılar stated that he cannot interpret himself as good or bad. Explaining that it is important what people think, the actor added that if a person has talent, he can do anything.

Stating that he wants to do quality and permanent works, the actor said, “I am trying to do something qualified, I am investing in myself.”

Stating that he would want to be a football player if he wasn’t a actor, the actor added that every branch of art is very beautiful.

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