This is the revenge of Ezgi Şenler! She was criticized last year, this year she became a role model with Teşkilat!
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1 February 2023 22:59


This is the revenge of Ezgi Şenler! She was criticized last year, this year she became a role model with Teşkilat!

Ezgi Şenler was born in 1993 in Ankara. The actress, who has been on the series sets since 2016, first played the character of Aslı in the Bodrum Masalı series.

After Ezgi Şenler drew attention in this project; She appeared in the TV series Nefes Nefesi, Canevim and Çatı Katı Aşk. It was noteworthy that the actress was chosen for the lead role in Çatı Katı Aşk series last year and that she was partnered with Furkan Palalı. It was as if Ezgi Şenler was responsible for the low ratings of the series, and the young actress was subjected to intense criticism on social media.

Ezgi Şenler, who became a scapegoat in the last episodes of Çatı Katı Aşk series, left and Selin Şekerci was included in the story instead. This change also failed to save the series. However, Ezgi Şenler’s name was worn out due to Rooftop Love.

In 2021, the young actress made a big surprise and joined Teşkilat, one of the ambitious series of TRT1. The actress, who gives life to an intelligence agent with the character of Pınar, successfully portrays her role. Teşkilat has been bringing millions of viewers to the screen since its inception. The strong female actors of the series also became role models for young people.

Ezgi Şenler, who came to the fore with Deniz Baysal, became an intelligence agent and a role model with the image of a strong woman. The actress, who was criticized last year and commented that she did not deserve the leading role, became the crown jewel with Teşkilat a year later.

Ezgi Şenler, who was impressed by the strength of the female characters in the series, said:

“Education is the first step for women to study, work and have a greater say in society. Raising girls with strength and self-confidence enables them to take firmer steps in the future. The female characters in our series are very strong. It is a job that sets a very good example for the society and where women’s power is at the forefront. I am very happy to play the character I play and to be Pınar. I hope we can set an example for everyone and end this discrimination by raising strong women.”

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