Kırmızı Oda series' interruption is cancelled at the last moment!
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29 March 2023 19:55


Kırmızı Oda series’ interruption is cancelled at the last moment!

Kırmızı Oda series broadcast on tv8 on Friday evenings faced a big problem. The series, in which Binnur Kaya took the leading role, did not find enough interest in the second season. The high ratings achieved in the first season made TV8’s boss Acun Ilıcalı very happy.

However, new decisions were expected to be taken about the series, as the series gradually lost viewers in the second season and even began to have difficulties in entering the top 10 in the ratings. It turned out that there was an idea to take a break for the series, which even talked about the possibility of the finale. It turned out that Acun Ilıcalı was thinking of taking a break from the series because the ratings were too low, but with the last step, it will not be implemented for now.

With the agreement with Erkan Petekkaya in the Kırmızı Oda series signed by OGM Pictures, the hope of rising again in the series was born. Erkan Petekkaya, who appeared in 21 episodes in the first season with the Sadi character, provided a wide audience support. The audience, who loved the story of the Sadi character, showed more interest in the series in the last period of the first season thanks to this character.

Although the first episodes brought good results in the second season without the Sadi character, the gradually decreasing ratings began to be a problem towards January. With the new year, it was understood that the Kırmızı Oda series could no longer make a comeback in the ratings. Thereupon, producer Erkan Petekkaya came up with his trump card again.

The Sadi character will be included in the story again in the upcoming episodes and will try to regain the attention of the audience. If this formula does not work, it is stated that Acun Ilıcalı has a formula in mind, such as taking a break from the series.

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