Artists News [Kivanc Tatlitug] adrenaline passion

[Kivanc Tatlitug] adrenaline passion


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The famous actor also reflected the adrenaline passion on vacation.

The handsome player who will go to Jordan in May will stay in the middle of the desert and watch the wildlife closely.

Actor known for his passion for extreme sports, he used adrenaline since the subject was holiday.

He, who is a professional diver, a captain, who is known for his motorcycle love and prepared for the races through his go-kart, has set himself an interesting holiday route for May.

He, his wife BasakDizer and a group of friends will keep the road to Ram Valley in Jordan.

The famous actor will remain in the tent-like houses designed in the midst of the pristine desert at UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

He, will also have a chance to see the wildlife closely.

Actor who lives camping life in Jordan holiday and will make safari in the desert, then goes to the Red Sea to see the unique beauty of the underwater which is passionate.