Series News Why are Turkish drama serials popular in India?

Why are Turkish drama serials popular in India?


Turkish series is very famous in India

Year 2015 … The first Turkish series sold to India …

The name of [I Named Her Feriha]

CagatayUlusoy and HazalKaya took the leading role

Thereupon, a number of Turkish series started to be published in India.

Within 2 years the number of Turkish series published in this country has increased to 12.

This is interpreted as an incredible achievement.

Why are the Turkish series liked by the Indian people?

The answer to this question is actually simple;

The family life of the Turks and the Indians resembles each other.

There is no excess in the Turkish series. There are regular topics such as everyday life, family ties, friendships, love.

They are told what is happening in the Turkish language in normal life. The Indians see themselves in these sequences.

Turkey, in the eyes of both European and Asian…

That makes it interesting.

Sequence and locations in Turkey in view of gaining the admiration of the Indians.

It is also observed that Turkish players have made a significant impact when they go to India …