Series News Drama series is the pride of Turkey

Drama series is the pride of Turkey


[I Named Her Feriha] series latest news …

Turkey on the 14 January 2011 will affect the entire world, no one would even starting directory.

[Cagatay Ulusoy and Hazal Kaya] first discovered this drama series …

Both of them are world class players thanks to the series …

The series released 67 episodes in 2 seasons.

Series made its final farewell in June of 2012 by making a final.

Emir and Feriha’s love have been published in many countries of the world and have received great acclaim.

The two famous acttors have made great harmony and the episode story loved worldwide.

It has been published in many different regions of the world, from India to Chile …

Still talking and still very much loved.

Millions of fans in the series of twitter campaigns CagatayUlusoy and HazalKaya wants to meet again in a project.

But there are no developments for the two famous players to meet again..

They both play in different series and will not be idle for a while.