KivancTatlitug, starting new tv series!
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30 September 2022 09:00


KivancTatlitug, starting new tv series!

October 27, 1983 KivancTatlıtuğ was born in Adana. In 2005, he started his career with Mehmet Sadoglu in Silver tv series.

After Silver series, hespread his fame with the character of Behlül in ‘Forbidden Love’ tv series, and finally took part in the title of ‘Brave and Beautiful’ series in 2016 together with TubaBüyüküstün. The series was a big self-sacrifice and the ratings did not satisfy the actors.

After the ‘Brave and Beautiful’ series, I was asserted that KivancTatlıtuğ, who only took part in the movie ‘My Son’, will return to the screen with a new series.

The highly acclaimed series of US titles revealed claims that the player, who is expected to play in the local version of Prison Break, agreed with Fox TV.

While the series is expected to start shooting in August, He’s figures on the wage are also reflected in the media.

In this tough market, news that he understands about $ 50 thousand per section comes.

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