Alp Navruz made a big mistake?
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1 October 2022 11:35


Alp Navruz made a big mistake?

AlpNavruz played Sinan character in ‘Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters’ series of his TV series.

He starts a new series…

It is a risky decision for the young player to start a new tv series while the spectators are actually left with a Sinan character.

He, along with Turkey alinaboz the young actress starring ranks.

The series will start broadcasting in July.

AlpNavruz has made a big break recently.

Only the name is not in Turkey, it announced the world’s different countries.

It is a better choice to rest for a while before the new set.

However, the player preferred to take risks. ‘

Will the audience be able to adapt to the new role of the player?

There are question marks in this regard.

Many viewers are actually still SinanEgemen character.

It is also unclear whether AlpNavruz and AlinaBoz will get a good fit.

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