Later episodes of the Al Sancak series will be turned into a national arms industry show!
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2 April 2023 09:23


Later episodes of the Al Sancak series will be turned into a national arms industry show!

The first episode of the Al Sancak series, which started broadcasting on TRT1 screen on Thursday evenings, attracted great attention. Uğur Güneş plays the leading role in the series, which draws attention with its very good performance in the ratings. In the story, in which Gülsim Ali İlhan is an agent of groups acting against Turkey, very special messages are given about the heroism of the Turkish soldier.

It seems inevitable that the project named Al Sancak will be one of the best works of 2023 due to the fact that the domestic audience’s interest in military serials is already known and the quality of the shooting is also high. Of course, the aim with the series is not just ratings.

There seems to be a purpose of displaying the capabilities of the Turkish Armed Forces and conveying the stage of the national arms industry to the audience through the series.

In the Al Sancak series, where visual show and battle scenes are used extensively, it will be transformed into a show where the technologies produced by the domestic weapon industry in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces will be exhibited.

Seeing a shooting quality that surpasses the previous successes in military TV series in terms of realism indicates how much the Turkish TV series industry has developed.

Mehmet Bozdağ, owner of Bozdağ Film company, is proud of his new project Al Sancak. Although they have signed many projects as a production company, Al Sancak series is a different job for Mehmet Bozdağ.

Underlining that they received great support from the Turkish Armed Forces, Mehmet Bozdağ said, “After an intense work program that lasted for months, ‘Al Sancak’ met with its audience on TRT 1. During this period, our actors received serious training. We all worked hard. Thankfully, our audience also liked our project very much. We will do our best to tell the story of our heroic soldiers in the best way possible,” he said.

In order for the actors to take part in an action-packed story with such effective scenes, it is necessary to undergo a good training. It turned out that this training process took 3 months. It was also revealed that the crew of the TV series underwent a special training that lasted for 3 months by Bülent Kuru, a retired Underwater Assault Team commando.

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