Artists News Let’s get to know actor Serhat Teoman

Let’s get to know actor Serhat Teoman


Serhat Teoman was born on 4 June 1984 in Diyarbakır. Originally from Izmir. There are two sisters. Because his father was a soldier, he spent his childhood in various ills. He attended secondary school in Izmir. He graduated from Buca Industrial Vocational High School Electronics Department.

Thanks to the girlfriend he met, he found himself in a theater group. 2 years toured with this group in Turkey.

Graduated from 9 Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts in Izmir. He holds a master’s degree in Mimar Sinan University Theater Department in Istanbul.

He began his career in the series with a small role in the line called “Lead Scar”.

He did theater and cinema studies. He has appeared on many lines.

In 2006 she starred as “MY Beloved darling”.

He became a partner with Kivanc Tatlıtuğ in “North South”

In 2013 he appeared in “The Noble of Today”.

In 2015 he played in “Emergency Love”.

In 2016 he played in “How much Punishment”.

In the 2016-2017 season we watched Mother TV as Commissioner Sinan.