Artists News The first congratulations to Canan Ergüder came from her beloved partner

The first congratulations to Canan Ergüder came from her beloved partner

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Famous actress Canan Ergüder celebrated her new age recently. Born on July 15, 1976, Ergüder turned 46 years old. The famous actress, who caught breast cancer a while ago and regained her health after the treatment, came to the screen with the TV series Oğlum (My Son) in the season.

Canan Ergüder left the series due to the health problem she experienced while playing in the TV series called Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager). Serhat Teoman was giving life to her partner in this series. The two actors also grew their friendship while playing in the TV series Menajerimi Ara.

It was a nice surprise for the audience to be partnered with Serhat Teoman in the show TV’s Oğlum series, where Ergüder returned to the sets after his treatment.

The two actors, who are in front of the camera one after the other in the two TV series, also reflect the strong bonds of friendship they have against each other in their social media posts from time to time.

Canan Ergüder, who got married to the famous actor Kenan Ece in 2017 and has a son named Demir, thanked everyone who celebrated this special day with a pose in front of her birthday cake.

One of the first to remember and celebrate Canan Ergüder’s birthday was Serhat Teoman. The actor celebrated Canan Ergüder’s new age with the note “happy birthday to you dear partner” by publishing a photo taken on the set of the TV series Oğlum on his Instagram page.