Akın Akınözü is waiting for offers from abroad!
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4 February 2023 12:24


Akın Akınözü is waiting for offers from abroad!

Akın Akınözü, who has a fan base all over the world, is very pleased with the interest of his fans. The actor, who was talked about with the crying scene in the series Kaderimin Oyunu (The Gaame of My Destiny), and was praised on social media, thanked his fans for these messages.

Akın Akınözü is negotiating for new projects and does not hesitate to state that he has received offers that excite him. However, he does not have a contract yet. The actor has a point of view of taking part in whatever job he likes, such as cinema, TV series or digital series, by evaluating the projects without limiting himself.

The actor, who was also pleased with the interest shown by the TV series fans abroad, said, “The work we do and the content we produce are met all over the world.”

Underlining that if there is an offer to take part in a project prepared abroad, he can do it as well, the actor said, “Why not,” and stated that he is open to everything.

Returning to Istanbul for project negotiations, the actor said that he will continue to take vacations during the summer as he finds opportunities. The actor was also asked questions about his partner Ebru Şahin in the TV series Hercai, who married Cedi Osman last week.

Asked if he had congratulated his former co-star, the actor simply smiled and did not want to answer.

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