They told a lot with a photo in the Emanet series that Sıla Türkoğlu left!
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4 December 2022 03:08


They told a lot with a photo in the Emanet series that Sıla Türkoğlu left!

Emanet (Legacy) in the first two seasons of the series, where Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and Sıla Türkoğlu took the lead role, created even greater interaction than they expected. Although Emanet is a daily series broadcast on Kanal 7, the performance of the two young actors was talked about more than the actors of many strong series.

Both young actors continue to be among the most talked about names in social media for the last 1 year, and this reveals the fact that they have made a very good debut in their careers. However, Sıla Türkoğlu did not want to continue with the character of Seher in the series Emanet. The actress, who has problems with her producer because she will not be in the third season, will be clear in her decision and will go on her own way.

The Emanet series has completed the second season and now the preparations for the third season have begun. It is very curious what will happen in the new period of the series and how the story will continue. At this point, the sharing made from the social media accounts of the series was loaded with meaning.

The photograph of Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and child actor Berat Rüzgar Özkan posing together was perceived as the third season message for many viewers.

It is not expected that the character of Seher will be continued through a new actress in the series in the third season. Interesting comments were made on this post, which was perceived as a message that the characters of Yaman and Yusuf will be featured in the third season in the series.

Commenting on the photo by saying, “It means that if the character of Yusuf is defeated, he will be in the season,” the viewers were also happy that the character of Yaman will not be alone in the new period.

Another viewer commented, “Our story will continue with Yaman and Yusuf, so once again the two children are left alone.”

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