Series News Let’s recognize the Mr. Wrong series characters

Let’s recognize the Mr. Wrong series characters


After the coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Wrong series, which will meet with the audience on the television screen, takes an important step for the sector. Can Yaman and Özge Gürel starring. Two famous names in Turkey is very exciting for both fans abroad. So, who plays which character in the Mr. Wrong series?

Produced by Faruk Turgut, Deniz Yorulmazer was seated in the director’s chair, and its script was written by Aslı Zengin and Banu Zengin Tak. The series also features Fatma Toptaş, Cemre Gümeli, Gürgen Öz and Serkay Tütüncü. You can find details about the characters of the series in our news.

Özgür Atasoy – Can Yaman

Özgür is an adrenaline-rich, rich, well-educated, handsome man in his early thirties, who has lost faith in love and women, has daily relationships, is loyal to his name, is not in the palm of hand. Operator and owner of a popular restaurant bar in Istanbul. He is Aquarius. The logic is at the forefront in its choices.

Ezgi İnal – Özge Gürel

Ezgi is a natural, beautiful girl who loves to live an unpretentious, ordinary life in her early thirties. She grew up in a small city and came to Istanbul for university education and could not go back. She graduated from the Public Relations department. Ezgi is an honest, self-sacrificing person who tries to help everyone around her. She is a dreamy girl who acts with her emotions rather than her logic. She is a Taurus.

Cansu Akman – Fatma Toptaş

Ezgi’s cousin. She is a beautiful woman in her 35s, who cares about her appearance. She is the Public Relations Officer of a hospital. She is successful in her business, has a strong communication and is social. She is with the doctor Levent, one of the partners of the hospital where she works. She is aries.

Deniz Koparan – Cemre Gümeli

Ezgi’s childhood friend. Sea at the beginning of the 30s, Turkey has been working as a lawyer at leading law firms. Its purpose is to rise in business and works hard for this. She was disappointed because of the bad marriage she had been through and caught herself in love. Scorpio is a sign. She is ambitious. It is cold and distant to people outside its immediate surroundings. It is especially discreet against men.

Levent Yazman – Gürgen Öz

He is Cansu’s boyfriend. He is an extremely successful plastic surgeon in his 40’s. He is also the partner of the hospital where he works. He is a well-maintained, meticulous and perfectionist. He has a 9-year-old daughter named Zeynep from his first marriage. The negativities experienced in his first marriage and his fondness for his daughter prevent his from marrying again. He is a lion.

Ozan Dinçer – Serkay Tütüncü

In his early 30s, he is a handsome, smiling positive person. He is the successful chef of the restaurant owned by Özgür, and is a close friend of Özgür. Unlucky relationships in his private life Ozan does not lose faith in love. He is reliable, entertaining, social and emotional. It is Cancer.

Serdar Öztürk – Sarp Can Köroğlu

In the early 30s, he is a handsome, successful obstetrician. He is the son of a rich family with a career. An ambitious, competitive person who does what he puts on his head. He is a person who gets stuck in the details and always wants to have the best in everything, can be arrogant at times and, if necessary, lie. Although he believes in love, he has a character that always keeps his logic ahead and takes care of his interests. He is Capricorn. He is a person whose priority is always his own, comfortable and firm.

Soner Seçkin – Taygun Sungar

He is the ex-lover of Ezgi. He works as an agent in a pharmaceutical company. He is a narcissist, two-faced person who likes to be in the foreground, who shows himself differently and who can change the character according to his interests and behaves accordingly. He is a Virgo.

Nevin Yılmaz – Feri Baycu Güler

She is the mother of Ezgi. Having unfortunate relations after divorce, Nevin finally found happiness in Ünal and got married. She is a full love woman, fun, modern. She runs a breakfast house in Bursa with her husband, Ünal. Sagittarius is the sign. She loves to have fun and travel.

Ünal Yılmaz – Suat Sungur

He is the husband of Nevin. He made his first marriage with Nevin. He has no children, but he loves Ezgi like his own daughter. He worked as a cook on cruise ships for many years. When they fall in love with Nevin, they choose a more orderly life, quit their job and open a breakfast house with Nevin. He is a humorous, romantic, positive man who enjoys every moment of his life. Gemini is the sign.

Sevim Atasoy – Lale Başar

She is the mother of Özgür and Ebru. After her husband Nevzat died, she dedicated herself to the children. The property is rich and there are vineyard gardens left by her husband. It ensures their operation. She is a woman who is devoted to her traditions, rootstock, positive, attention to detail and at the same time obsessive. She is a Virgo.

Emre Eren – Anıl Çelik

He works as a bartender in the place owned by Özgür. It is fun, cute, funny. Even if they have a relationship, quit flirting with people it does not come down, it is social and mobile. When it comes to their interests, the snake that doesn’t touch me can say a thousand lives. Gemini is the sign.

Gizem Sezer – Ece İrtem

In the place owned by Özgür, she takes care of reservation and customer welcome. Its ideal is to be the Public Relations officer of the new venue. She is an ambitious, able to use people, intrigue, sneaky, sincere bargain and cunning. She has also liked Özgür for a long time, but does not reveal it to anyone. She is Capricorn.

İrem Doğan – Kimya Gökçe Aytaç

She works as a lawyer in the same law firm as Deniz. She is a beautiful, smart, ambitious woman who can be bad when needed. There is a fierce competition with the sea. She sees men more as a tool and it is not for her to have a serious long-term relationship. Her job is always at the forefront, she is capable of doing all kinds of things to rise. She is a fish sign.

Ercüment Şengezer

He is the boss of the law firm where Deniz works. He is a nice athletic man, aged 40-45 years old, with athletic care. In a short time, he was very successful in his job and managed to become one of the few lawyers of the country. He was divorced shortly before his wife, who was married at a very early age, in the early 20s he has a daughter. Although he is a favorite single woman with many women, he admires Deniz inside, but nobody knows this. Ercüment is the lawyer of the hospital, where Levent is a close friend and also Levent’s partner.

Fitnat Atasoy

She is the wife of Özgür’s uncle.  She is 40 – 45 years old and has 2 sons. She is in a race with her constant almate Sevim. She is jealous of Nevin’s financial strength, the success of her children and her motherhood. She is a woman who loves gossip gossip. She is overly curious, and getting her nose into everyone’s business is her lifestyle, she loves to deal with those around her rather than herself. Since her husband is tired of this situation, she constantly tries to stay away from her husband on the pretext of work.

Zeynep Yazman

She is the daughter of Erol. She is 8-9 years old smart, devoted to her father, an overly jealous girl. She does not want to share her father with anyone, she is sensitive and emotional. If necessary, she can turn work with her mother after her father and play games for her father.

Ebru Atasoy

She is the daughter of Erol. She is 8-9 years old, smart, devoted to her father, an overly jealous girl. She does not want to share her father with anyone, she is sensitive and emotional. If necessary, she can turn work with her mother after her father and play games for her father.

Kerem Soydan

He is the fiancee of Ebru. He deals with tourism and runs his family hotel in Bodrum. He is a docile well-intentioned kind person.