Secrets were spilled one by one in the Kusursuz Kiracı which was hastily made for the final!
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2 December 2022 23:02


Secrets were spilled one by one in the Kusursuz Kiracı which was hastily made for the final!

Fox TV’s Kusursuz Kiracı (Perfect Tenant) series started with high hopes, but 6 episodes could be broadcast! The channel about the series, which started shooting months ago and was expected to be screened as a summer series, decided to broadcast it in the season. The series starring Serkay Tütüncü and Dilan Çiçek Deniz started to come to the screen with September. However, the final ticket was cut off when the ratings were lower than expected!

The channel finished the show, which aired on Tuesday evenings, because it received very low ratings against its rival series and could not even be in the top 10 rankings! This final decision made many people feel “injustice” for many people who watched the different subject with its successful actors!

But for the Kusursuz Kiracı, which could not create the expected audience, Fox TV quickly made a final decision. With this decision, those who watched the series, whose last episode was broadcast on Tuesday evening, rebelled on social media! They often share their opinions that the series is of the quality to be broadcast on the digital platform and that it is spent on the screen.

It turned out that Mona, brought to life by Dilan Çiçek Deniz, is actually a seriously traumatic personality. While it was understood that it was Mona who set the fires, it was understood that Leyla was a dream, as many viewers had predicted. Mona had lost her friend Leyla in a fire while she was staying at the orphanage. She has been living in her dreams ever since.

It turned out that the murderer in the apartment was Madam! Madam, who killed Şuayip and was put in the gold, confessed that Yakup’s grandfather had unjustly taken over the property of her family and she could barely get an apartment from the building, and then killed Şuayip.

She found the gold and gave it to the residents of the building. Mona struck Yakup on the head and set the building on fire, knocking him unconscious. While it was thought that Leyla did all this, it was learned that Mona had a personality split and she was responsible for the fires.

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