Artists News Look at the Hande Erçel’s outfit style

Look at the Hande Erçel’s outfit style

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Hande Erçel, one of the most popular actors of the these days, is living perhaps the best days of her career. The actress is on the agenda with a romantic comedy style series broadcast on Fox TV and started in the summer season. The actress, whom her fans are dying to share and see on social media, continues to share both from her daily life and from the set over and over again.

The actress, who is very popular with the character Eda in the series she played with Kerem Bürsin, is also on the agenda with her costumes in the series. It is an event that almost the actress wears and her followers are bathed in social media by their fans.

Of course, Eda character has a style according to the series. Most of the time, we see Hande Erçel with her bold, designed and assertive clothes. Even wearing sportswear, a bold detail is always hidden.

The player, who was criticized for being overweight for a while, had a very fit body thanks to strict diet and sports. She carries her clothes almost like a model.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say “Whatever you wear” to Hande Erçel. Erçel wears both night and daily clothes well.

While the actress prefers to do sports in his daily life outside of the series set, she also likes to add a different style. Even wearing jeans, she complements it with a loose blouse or a hat that reveals her belly and waist. Below sweat is complemented by a skirt and white high-soled sneakers.

You can see an example below….

In the photo below, the actress is wearing a trendy jumpsuit and shorts. It is very compatible with sandals with ankle straps on her feet … Leaving his hair open gives a natural air …

She has a sporty but stylish appearance in her meeting with her nephew Aylin Mavi, with whom she runs at every opportunity. It is also very stylish with a mustache that leaves the waist open and a black mini skirt.

Hande Erçel’s last share was a very sporty choice. The actress wore a pair of jeans and a short sleeve T-shirt and tucked them in her pants. Although Hande Erçel wears white sneakers on her feet, she made the last and striking effect on her style with her hat.

With the cooling of the weather, woolen hats began to spin. The style of the actress posing with a yellow pompom hat is admired. The actress, posing with the fertility symbols of pomegranates and dogs, also offers her beautiful wishes by saying “Love, live, thank you” …