Series News Looking at the ratings, Show TV has another series going to the finals!

Looking at the ratings, Show TV has another series going to the finals!

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Show TV, which finished all its series last season, is experiencing disappointment in its projects for the new season… Cam Tavanlar and Kahraman Babam productions were able to last 8 episodes each in the summer period…

In the winter period that started in September, it was a surprise that the channel, which first brought the TV series İçimizden Biri to the screen, ended the project in the 6th episode after the low ratings. Then, the ups and downs of the Yalancı series increased the trouble.

Yalancı, which was broadcast on Friday evenings, changed the day after the first 6 episodes came to the Aziz series. The new day performance of Yalancı, which is now broadcast on Tuesday evenings, is unfortunately not good..

The danger of the final is at the door due to the low ratings of the series in which Burçin Terzioğlu and Salih Bademci take the lead roles…

No one should be surprised if there is a final decision from Show TV soon after the ratings that were far below the average…

Yalancı series finished the day in the 24th place with its 7th episode. It should be said that this version of the series, which can be 19th in groups AB and ABC1, is not a good picture.

The ratings of the 9th episode of the Yalancı series, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, November 9, will be decisive for the future. Here is the first trailer from the new episode: