Love and Blue tv series made the audience angry!
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29 September 2022 18:29


Love and Blue tv series made the audience angry!

Love and Blue from the popular series of Atv meet the audience on Friday evenings.

There are Emrah Erdoğan and Burcu Kıratlı in the leading part of the 55 episodes.

It is appealing to a good spectator audience in terms of array ratings.

However, there are various criticisms in the recent period …

Viewers who think that the directory has lost its reality share their criticism on the social media.

An audience member said, “Game play. explaining that the sequence of the screenplay is disturbing by the continuous repetition of saying …

Fatma’s talk is very nice to the audience.

Some of the audiences who wanted to get Faysal out of the way, in the opinion that this character has broken the knee.

It is a common wish that the directory does not move away from conviction.

It will reduce the criticism of the love and the blue sequence of returning to the original and the people living in it.

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