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7 July 2022 04:00


Maraşlı reached the final! Burak Deniz’s plan is clear, but what will Alina Boz do?

Maraşlı reached the final! Burak Deniz’s plan is clear, but what will Alina Boz do?

Despite being one of the most popular TV series of ATV this season, Maraşlı series, which has not been decided to continue, has come to an end. The Maraşlı series, starring Alina Boz and Burak Deniz, will be broadcast on Tuesday, July 13, and will bid farewell to the screens with the 26th episode.

Although the ratings were problematic, the Maraşlı series, which attracted great attention on social media and was especially admired due to the energy revealed by the Alina Boz-Burak Deniz partnership, was an important step in the careers of both actors.

Although both actors have taken part in many productions to date, Maraşlı has gained a special place in the hearts of the audience. This allowed the two actors to take a new leap in their careers.

The shooting of the Maraşlı series ended as of yesterday. As soon as the shootings were over, Burak Deniz shared his emotional farewell message and flew to Italy to catch the set of the movie Cahil Periler, in which he will act. While the Maraşlı series continues, Burak Deniz, who made a deal with Ferzan Özpetek, is expected to meet the Cahil Periler team on the set soon.

The actor will stay in Italy for a month and will participate in the shooting of the TV series Cahil Periler . It is a great career opportunity to be in such a project for the actor, who is only in the last four episodes of the series. It was also revealed that the final scenes of the series prepared for Disney Plus will be shot in Istanbul.

By the way, Burak Deniz is also mentioned for many TV series. The Camdaki Kız , broadcast on Kanal D, is one of them. Allegedly, Burak Deniz is being interviewed for the character of Hayri, who will enter the series in the second season. However, no official statement has been made about this.

While Burak Deniz’s plans after Maraşlı are more or less clear, there has been no sound from Alina Boz yet. The second season of the series Aşk 101, in which the young actress starred and the shooting of which ended a long time ago, will be on Netflix on September 30. However, what Alina Boz will do after Maraşlı is now a matter of great curiosity.

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