Martyr Cengiz Topel made Kemal Uçar shed tears with his performance!
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4 February 2023 07:50


Martyr Cengiz Topel made Kemal Uçar shed tears with his performance!

There were very effective scenes in the 13th episode of Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru series. Actor Kemal Uçar, who portrayed the experiences of the martyred pilot Cengiz Topel, said that he had psychological difficulties during the shoot.

As the actor had difficulty in the shooting, the audience also had difficulty watching the tortures of Cengiz Topel throughout the episode. Turkish pilot captain Cengiz Topel was shot down by an F-100 plane during his warning flight to Cyprus on 8 August 1964. Cengiz Topel jumped with a parachute and was captured by the Greeks. Cengiz Topel, who was taken prisoner by committing an international crime, was tortured and martyred…

These events deeply affected the audience in the 13th episode of Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru series. Kemal Uçar, who plays the character of Cengiz Topel in the series, was also on the agenda in social media. While the actor put on a very successful performance, the martyr Cengiz Topel, whose name is most often given to streets and streets in Turkey, was commemorated once again.

In his statement, Kemal Uçar stated that he had never experienced such mixed feelings at the same time before, and stated that he also experienced feelings of pride and sadness very deeply.

Emphasizing that every second he played as Cengiz Topel was full of difficulties, Kemal Uçar said: “Every second was very difficult, but the time elapsed from his capture to his martyrdom… Even now, my eyes fill with tears when I think about it. For these scenes, I spent hours of preparation and shooting for two days. And after it’s over, I’m completely done too.

The day after we finished filming, I couldn’t leave the hotel room, I couldn’t talk to anyone for hours. And it wasn’t just because I was physically exhausted. It took me a long time to fix my psyche. How could a person experience this pain? And more importantly, how did a person endure these pains by not giving up on the values ​​he believed in for even a second while all this was going on? We may be acting, but this time it was very different. Now even watching the episodes, my eyes fill with tears, as if it wasn’t me there.”

This great pain experienced in the 13th episode of the “Kıbrıs Zafere Doğru” series made the audience shed tears. However, many fans of the TV series also renewed their pride and memory of Cengiz Topel with his patriotism.

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