Artists News Mehmet Özgür, who plays the leading role in the series Arak, will give life to a dangerous man!

Mehmet Özgür, who plays the leading role in the series Arak, will give life to a dangerous man!


Mehmet Özgür, one of the actors of Show TV’s new series Arak, which attracts attention with its striking story and is produced by Most Production and produced by Murat Can Oğuz, talked about Rauf, the dominant character of the story, and the project.

Stating that Rauf is a multi-dimensional and very enjoyable character to play, Özgür shared the following about the story: “Rauf is a good father with the face his family knows, a professor admired by his students, but in reality he is very surprising behind the scenes. He is actually a dangerous man who has dark sides as well as strength.”

Giving information about the aspects of his role that appealed to him, the famous actor said, “He is a dominant character who suffers from conscious schizophrenia, has a very high level of intelligence, has a very high level of experience, and is a dominant character. Conscious schizophrenia, which I have been working on for a long time, provides the opportunity to work very much in line with the acting method I have named. “As the story progresses, we will see surprising twists and turns in the process between revenge and love, and perhaps new and unknown aspects of Rauf,” he said.

Stating that they are preparing to appear on the screen with a good production company, good management, a gripping story and a good cast, the successful actor explained the preparation and set processes as follows:

“I joined the team later, I had enough time to prepare. “The conversations we had with the team and our conversations with Murat Can Oğuz, our producer and screenwriter, and Ender, our director, contributed to my preparation process being very productive.” He said the following about what awaits the audience: “Arak will be a series that they can watch with pleasure, confront their own realities, and experience the awareness of witnessing the lives happening right next to them. I wish you a good time in advance. See you on Show TV on Thursday.”

In the cast; Bringing together valuable names such as İlker Kaleli, Öykü Karayel, Tülin Özen, Mehmet Özgür, Yıldıray Şahinler, İlker Kızmaz, Kerem Arslanoğlu, Bedir Bedir, Furkan Kalabalık, Demircan Kaçel, Cem Zeynel Kılıç, Görkem Kasal, Beril Kolcu, Ilgaz Kaya and Bennu Yıldırımlar. Arak is on Show TV on Thursday evening at 20.00.