Artists News Melike İpek Yalova sees Tarık Akan in her dream!

Melike İpek Yalova sees Tarık Akan in her dream!


Esra Dermancıoğlu and Melike İpek Yalova, who played a role in the TV series Once Upon a Time Çukurova on ATV, met in a live broadcast on youtube.

Stating that she found herself lucky in the industry, Melike İpek Yalova stated that she played a role with good actors and worked with good directors and screenwriters. In the section where she answered questions from the audience, the actress talked about an interesting situation.

“Which aspect of the Mujgan character do you like?” Answering the question, the actress emphasized that the character liked Tarık Akan.

Melike İpek Yalova, who dreamed of Tarık Akan from time to time, said that there were good things in such periods. Yalova said, “I saw Tarık Akan in my dream last time. By the way, I don’t know it at all. Whenever I see him in my dream, it is nice. It is very interesting, really this. It was also living,” she said.

One of the legendary names of Turkish cinema, Tarık Akan was born on December 13, 1949 and died on September 16, 2016 due to lung cancer.

Explaining that she is trying to learn as much as she can, Melike İpek Yalova said that they can take the first step by finding a correct tutorial for those who want to be an actor.