Artists News Melis Minkari is very lucky by birth, and Recep Usta creates his own luck!

Melis Minkari is very lucky by birth, and Recep Usta creates his own luck!


Recep Usta and Melis Minkari, who play the characters of Berk and Aybike in the TV series, Kardeşlerim (My Brothers and Sisters), are known as a successful TV series couple. The two young actors, who also have a large fan base on social media, answered questions from their fans on Onedio’s youtube channel.

Stating that he does not believe in luck, Recep Usta does not describe himself as a person of luck. The actor said, “I think every person creates his own luck. I believe it. I hope to be one of those people who created that chance. “I’m not a lucky person, but I might be soon,” he said.

Melis Minkari, who agreed with the idea that everyone creates their own luck, said that she sees herself as a lucky person. The actress said, “I believe I am lucky. It’s as if things are getting easier when things could be harder. Or I don’t see those things as too much trouble, I don’t know. But I feel lucky,” she said.

Melis Minkari explained that a crow 3 times bigger than herself entered her dream and ate her, and she woke up trembling from this dream.

Explaining that he has many ridiculous dreams, Recep Usta said that he was negatively affected by some dreams like his partner.

Two young actors, who are known to improvise frequently in the TV series Kardeşlerim, explained that they did it in a way that was appropriate for the scene. Recep Usta said, “We do not improvise beyond the purpose of the stage. There are no scenes where we improvise madly. We improvise every scene.”

Melis Minkari stated that they did more improvisation while shooting the scene, and the director did not interrupt these moments, and beautiful images emerged.

Both young actors are talked about on social media with their improvisational scenes in the TV series Kardeşlerim, and this has a positive impact on their careers.