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13 August 2022 06:53


Melis Sezen gave a hopeful message to the Sadakatsiz audience who was expected to make the final!

The TV series “Sadakatsiz”, which is broadcast on Kanal D screens, is in front of the audience with its second season this year. It is spoken backstage that the series, starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen and produced by Medyapım, will make an early finale due to the ratings.

In fact, there is no official statement from Medyapım that the series will make its finale. But as it is known, Caner Cindoruk, who played the character of Volkan, the lead role of the series, made a statement about the finale in the past weeks. The actor said, “We are on the last straight, we will finish this season. We only have 10 episodes left. Let’s see, the fast times of the story began.”

In the statement made by the producer on Monday about the series produced by Medyapım, it was announced that the series would not be broadcast this week, and it was revealed that the health problem that caused the postponement belonged to Dilara Pamuk, who wrote the script of the series, and the series was postponed for a week because the new episode did not arrive.

On Monday evening, Melis Sezen, one of the leading roles in the series, went to the show of comedian Yasemin Sakallıoğlu to watch. Answering the questions posed to her before the show, the beautiful actress said, “Sadakatsiz TV series is going very well, what would you like to say?” On the question she said:

“The series continues, it’s going well. In fact, there have been changes, the tempo will increase. The war is just beginning in Sadakatsiz. I really want Derin to exist as a strong woman.”

Melis Sezen, who likes to talk fast, was remarkable after what she said during her speech came out of her mouth. Stating that there are some changes and the pace will increase, the young actress left a question mark in mind. With the changes to be made shortly before the end of the season and the increase in tempo, screenwriter Dilara Pamuk plans to leave everyone behind and continue the action in the 3rd Season? We’ll watch and see.

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