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12 August 2022 15:11


Support to Hazal Kaya and her friends, who were criticized a lot by Serkan Çayoğlu!

Özge Gürel and Serkan Çayoğlu duo attended the premiere of the series Midnight at Pera Palas. Stating that they have not read the book Midnight at the Pera Palas, written by Charles King, which is the inspiration for the series, the couple praised the people who worked on the project.

Many criticisms that Hazal Kaya has received recently due to her role have become the agenda on social media. While many people criticize the actress, there is a large audience who think the opposite and think that she has performed very well. The support of Özge Gürel and Serkan Çayoğlu to the team in these days when Hazal Kaya was not on the agenda was also very valuable.

Serkan Çayoğlu said, “You know, these works are done with a lot of effort and effort. That’s why it leaves everyone involved satisfied. It was worth it, I know it is.”

With these words, Serkan Çayoğlu, who supported the team of the series broadcast on Netflix, stood by the team in the wave of criticism that covered social media and gave them morale.

After the finale of the series, which lasted for two seasons and was shot in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Serkan Çayoğlu returned to Istanbul and reunited with his lover Özge Gürel.

Stating that he was looking at new projects after the end of the 2-season series, the actor did not give any new project information.

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