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20 August 2022 08:37


Bergüzar Korel broke the rules on social media, shared her son Han!

Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenç couple experienced the excitement of being parents for the third time with the birth of their daughter Leyla in November.

The couple, who are currently in London with their family, have completed the decoration of their new home in the city. The famous couple has not been involved in any projects for a while and they spend all their time taking care of their children.

Bergüzar Korel, who actively uses social media, enchants her followers from time to time with the posts she shares with her children. Although Bergüzar Korel occasionally shared images of her son with her followers after giving birth to their second child, Han, she made a special effort not to show her face.

Han, who was born on March 8, turned 2 years old and Bergüzar Korel showed her son’s face so clearly for the first time on social media. The famous actress, who shared her photo with her son, also wrote an emotional article.

Bergüzar Korel celebrated her son Han’s birthday with the following words. “When I see you, it is as if all the seasons of the world are raining on me. When I hug, I feel full when I’m hungry, when I kiss, I feel refreshed as if I’ve been drinking water if I’m thirsty. You make each of us believe more and more in your wisdom with your sentences about life. May the ease of your coming into the world always be with you throughout your life. May the happiness in your eyelashes, the light in your hair, the world in your smile always return with health, my child. Today is the best day for me that you joined our family. A gift to all of us. Happy birthday my dear Han”

The actress’s post received thousands of likes in a short time. Her fans also celebrated little Han’s birthday. Leyla, the daughter of Bergüzar Korel and Halit Ergenç, is 3.5 months old. The couple’s first child, Ali, is 12 years old.

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