Melis Sezen gave the tip It's getting messy in Sadakatsiz!
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30 September 2022 08:56


Melis Sezen gave the tip It’s getting messy in Sadakatsiz!

It looks like the waters that have stopped in the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen, will be active again, broadcast on Kanal D screens.

There have been some decreases in the ratings of the series, produced by Medyapım. Berkay Ateş joined the series with the character of ‘Aras’ in order to bring a different breath to the story in the new season. The role of the actor in the story came to an end and he left the series by going abroad in the previous episodes.

While it was expected how the story would go from now on, it was announced that the new episode of Sadakatsiz will not be on the screens last Wednesday evening, and the health problems of Dilara Pamuk, the screenwriter of the series, were cited as the reason.

The Sadakatsiz series will continue from where it left off next Wednesday. Melis Sezen, who plays the character of “Derin” in the series, shared the trailer of the new episode from her Instagram account; ‘This episode is so bombshell for me to say. This time, things will be very messy,’ she dropped the note.

The sharing of Melis Sezen and the new trailer released show that there are some changes in the scenario of the series and that the tempo will increase.

It is not yet clear whether Sadakatsiz will continue next season. Although Caner Cindoruk, who recently played the character of “Volkan” in the series; “We are on the last straight, we will finish this season. We only have 10 episodes left. Let’s see, the fast times of the story have started”, although there is no official statement from my media on the subject.

With the changes to be made shortly before the end of the season and the increase in tempo, screenwriter Dilara Pamuk plans to leave everyone on the wrong side and continue the action in the 3rd season? We’ll watch and see.

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