Melis Sezen is dressed by her mother, but not as you know!
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29 March 2023 08:13


Melis Sezen is dressed by her mother, but not as you know!

Famous actress Melis Sezen; After the end of the series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), she participates in different activities and attracts all eyes with her beauty. The famous actress also impresses with the different outfits she wears.

This time, the actress, who attracted attention with her black mini dress with a white flower pattern, was also bold in decollete. Melis Sezen wears special designs and manages to attract everyone’s attention with her outfits at such events.

Explaining that she had a successful two seasons on Kanal D, the actress said that she also had her own designs for clothes. She explained that she made an effort to create a different style in the program called Maske Kimsin Sen, in which she was a member of the jury this season, and that designs were made for each program in which she expressed her ideas.

Melis Sezen said, “I shouldn’t just wear a beautiful dress. It should be something that describes me, expresses me, reflects my character. I think style is something like that. That’s why everyone is unique to her, that’s why it’s more important to me,” she said.

Explaining that she will continue to draw her own designs, Melis Sezen said that her biggest chance in this regard is her mother and her reading on fashion has benefited her today.

Melis Sezen said, “My mother dresses me up, so I am happy and lucky.”

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