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2 July 2022 14:40


Melis Sezen’s farewell to Sadakatsiz series was extremely touching!

Kanal D’s TV series Sadakatsız (Unfaithful), which left its mark on the screens for two seasons, also left its mark on the screens with its final episode broadcast on Wednesday, May 25.

The 60th final episode of the series was the scene of unforgettable events. Sadakatsiz, which attracted great attention not only in Turkey but also abroad, brought to the screen the tripartite relationship between a woman, her cheating husband and the other woman.

Since the day it was broadcast, the most criticized character of the series was “Volkan” in the role of cheating husband played by Caner Cindoruk. The pathetic situation that Volkan fell into marked the last episode.

The loser of the final episode was ‘Volkan’. Both women gave a different direction to their own lives. Abandoned Volkan was left alone and smashed. In the last scenes, it was seen that Volkan died in the series, which took the audience 20 years later.

The leading actors Caner Cindoruk, Melis Sezen and Cansu Dere said goodbye to their characters and the audience with their social media posts. The most touching social media sharing came from Melis Sezen.

Melis Sezen said goodbye to her character “Derin” with these words; “We did it girl! We did it! You’re healed! You remembered to love yourself again! We have returned to the radiant Derin, full of life and love, whose existence you have even forgotten, who has been in a giant sleep for a very long time! We returned home.

I am eternally grateful for every moment I live with you, every breath I give to you is my soul. I love you so much, Derin, and it’s indescribable to finally see you happy…

You deserve the best of everything, big hearted girl, you had a very difficult journey, now it’s time to enjoy your life, be happy, live to the fullest… Goodbye, thank you endlessly for everything! It’s good that.”

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