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4 July 2022 07:48


Melis Sezen’s holiday poses in Bali are amazing!

The beautiful actress Melis Sezen followed in the footsteps of her colleague Burcu Özberk, and as soon as the shooting of the drama was over, she took a breath in Bali.

After the actress Burcu Özberk, who threw herself on an exotic island as soon as the Aşk Mantık İntikam (Love Logic Revenge) series made its finale, Melis Sezen, the lead actress of Kanal D’s Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful) series, also took the road to Bali.

There is only one episode left until the finale of Sadakatsiz, which is followed with enthusiasm. Prepared to bid farewell to the screen with its 60th episode, the TV series Sadakatsiz will make its final with its episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, May 25.

Famous actress Melis Sezen also took her breath in Bali Island of Indonesia after completing the final shooting of the series. The photos of the actress, who shared her holiday poses on her Instagram account, were appreciated.

The Bali poses of the actor, who took a leap in her career with the character of “Derin” in the TV series Sadakatsiz, enchanted her fans.

Melis Sezen, who posed with her assertive outfit on the tropical island, dropped the note “I am the daughter of the river”.

Many comments were made by her followers, such as “Water nymph” and “Mermaid”, to the posts of Melis Sezen, who posed in a dress designed by fashion designer Tuvana Büyükçınar.

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