Series News Meryem tv serie is saying goodbye to the screen

Meryem tv serie is saying goodbye to the screen


Channel ‘D’ meets the audience in August, when the ‘Meryem’ will be released on Wednesday, the last part will say farewell to the screen.

The storyline of Meryem and Savaş, which crossed the lives of the accidental victims of a rainy night, and drifted into a completely different life with love even though they hated each other in the first place, received a full note from the audience. After her unfortunate accident, Meryem fell into many incidents that she did not want, and had a hard time. Savaş, however, was a strong, just, conscientious and romantic man, but he suffered many times against Meryem, turning into a hard man with the pangs of loss he gave. Undoubtedly, Prosecutor Oktay was the worst character of this story. Oktay, who saw nothing for the sake of power, success and money, was both condemned and wondered many times by all the followers. In Meryem only the love of Savaş and Meryem was not seen. The impossibly love of Burcu and Güçlü, and the obsessive relationship based on the interests of Oktay and Beliz were also the basic building blocks of Meryem. After Derin’s mother Suzan Şahika came to claim her children in the beginning, the Sargun family turned into a hostile enemy, the great price paid by the powerful businessman Yurdal Sargun, and what they did for the son of Oktay’s mother Nurten made this story much more visible . On the evening of February 28th, with the grand finale of Meryem tv serie …