Mezarlık, which brought together Birce Akalay and Olgun Toker, was on the set!
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1 February 2023 13:11


Mezarlık, which brought together Birce Akalay and Olgun Toker, was on the set!

Successful actors Birce Akalay and Olgun Toker are coming together for a new Netflix series. The shooting of the series, which is prepared to come with a very striking story, has begun.

Preparations for the Mezarlık series, produced by Abdullah Oğuz, had been going on for a while. Preparations for the highly anticipated series were finally completed and the team went to the set to start shooting.

The series that will draw attention to the murders of women, which has a bleeding wound in Turkey for years, is being filmed for Netflix. The script of the series is written by the screenwriters of Çember, a successful detective film series.

Violence against women in Turkey in recent years and the never-ending femicide will be discussed from a different point of view. The Cemetery series has already aroused great curiosity due to the fact that it commits murders of women, which is an extremely sensitive subject.

Birce Akalay took part in the shooting of the Netflix series Kuş Uçuşu in the spring. However, the series has not yet come to the screen. Akalay then participated in the second season of the Son Yaz series. Having only five episodes in Son Yaz, the actress once again had an early final misfortune. Birce Akalay will play a policeman in the series Mezarlık.

Lastly, Olgun Toker, who appeared as Gökhan, the villain of the Son Yaz series, is one of the most striking actors of the last period with his talent. He won the admiration of the audience with the successful characters he played in TV series such as Fatma, Arıza, Bir Aile Hikayesi, and Hayat Şarkısı.

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