Million shock to Elçin Sangu! The famous actress, who was in court with her ex-manager, lost the case!..
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29 March 2023 10:09


Million shock to Elçin Sangu! The famous actress, who was in court with her ex-manager, lost the case!..

Başay Okay, the ex-manager of Elçin Sangu, who gained a great reputation with the TV series “Kiralık Aşk”, filed a lawsuit against the famous actress for not complying with the contract they made before.

Famous actress Elçin Sangu lost the lawsuit filed in 2016 by her former manager Başay Okay, alleging that she terminated the contract unjustly.

The court decided that Elçin Sangu will be paid 100 thousand dollars and 2 million 378 thousand TL to her former manager Başay Okay, with legal interest that will accrue from the date of the lawsuit.

According to the news of Sabah Newspaper; Başay Okay’s lawyer included the following words of Okay in the petition she submitted to the court; “Actress Elçin Sangu unilaterally and unfairly terminated the ‘Agency-Artist Agreement’ with a notice from the notary public on 31 December 2015. Based on the relationship of trust between us, I approached Elçin Sangu with the compassion of my elder sister. In 2012, we signed an artist contract based on loyalty. I used my connections to find a job for Elçin Sangu.

I vouched for all employment contracts signed by Sangu. I trained Elçin Sangu in acting and in front of the camera, I prepared her for rehearsals and shootings. I did not accept the offers that came to me by taking care of Elçin Sangu like an older sister.

Despite all these sacrifices, he met with Gaye Sökmen Agency without my approval. Elçin Sangu, who terminated the contract on 31 December 2015 and started to work for another agency, acted against both the contract and the principle of fidelity.” Başay Okay had requested a penalty fee of 100 thousand dollars, as well as the calculation of the deprived earnings share.

Elçin Sangu and the attorneys of the parties participated in the case before the Istanbul Civil Court of First Instance. Başay Oktay’s lawyer demanded that the case be accepted. Elçin Sangu’s lawyer demanded the dismissal of the case.

Famous actress Elçin Sangu, who testified at the hearing, said, “I didn’t want to leave myself. She called me to her side and said “I am not enough for you” and wanted to leave. We left crying. The file contains a message she sent me regarding this. There is a witness statement in this direction.

She sent an e-mail the next day and said, “If you give 100 thousand TL, it would be great, my financial situation is not good.” She was the one who took me to the manager Gaye Sökmen. It has nothing to do with the companies I deal with, except for correspondence. Her actions are not binding. After all the events, we ended up in court,” she said.

The court announced its decision. Famous actress Elçin Sangu’s former manager Başay Okay decided to pay 100 thousand dollars as penal clause and 2 million 378 thousand TL for loss of earnings, together with legal interest to be processed as of the date of the lawsuit.

Elçin Sangu, who lost the case, said after the hearing, “The process continues. I will appeal the decision” and left the courthouse. Elçin Sangu posted on her post-trial Instagram account, “I’ve always been silent until now, but enough is enough! I have not told what has been done to me until today, but I will not be silent anymore! This is my open invitation to all of you. With love…’ she posted the following post with the note.

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