Cansu Dere made a new deal, good luck to 2022 actress!
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23 March 2023 03:44


Cansu Dere made a new deal, good luck to 2022 actress!

Cansu Dere, who received great acclaim for her role as “Asya” in the TV series “Sadakatsiz”, which continues to appear on Kanal D with its second season, signed a new deal in the new year.

Dermocosmetics brand Neostrata, which has just entered the Turkish market, chose the famous actress as the brand face. Neostrata products entered the Turkish market after 85 countries.

Cansu Dere, who was announced as the brand face at the launch of the product and emphasized the importance she attaches to her skin at every opportunity, expressed her excitement at meeting with a reliable and well-established brand like Neostrata:

“I am very happy to be the brand face of Neostrata. Neostrata will fulfill our dreams of effective skin care with a scientific approach and pioneering innovations.

It is very valuable that Neostrata is a well-established brand for 40 years, and I am very excited to share its new journey that started in Turkey and to use its effective products for skin rejuvenation.”

On the other hand, the famous actress recently appeared before the lens for the Magnet Quarterly Magazine, which is published only four times a year, and posed with World Fencing Champion Miles Chamley – Watson.

The poses of the duo were talked about a lot. The claims that the couple was in love fell like a bomb in the tabloid press. Miles Chamley-Watson, with his tall and tattoo-covered body, looks more like a model than a fencing athlete. Cansu Dere posing with the famous athlete, also known as the Superman of Fencing, took their breath away.

The theme of the new issue of Magnet Quarterly, which is published four times a year and focuses on a different theme in each issue, was ‘Perfection’. Cansu Dere and Miles Chamley-Watson, who went before the lens together, symbolized perfection.

With these news, the famous actress Cansu Dere took the top spot of the magazine’s agenda in the first days of 2022 with both her business life and her private life.

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