Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum are on the cover of the magazine
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25 March 2023 20:14


Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum are on the cover of the magazine

Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum, two successful, talented and remarkable actors of the young generation, first appeared in front of the camera together in the TV series Wounded Love. This time, the two actors are starring in the TV series Respect for BluTV. Behzat Ç.’s unforgettable name, Ercüment Çözer, is the main character, and they play with Nejat İşler, Erkan Can, Tansu Biçer and Rojda Demirer.

These two young actors, who have become sought-after names in TV series and movies, are making scenes that will be talked about in the TV series Respect. In the series, which aired its first episode last week, Miray Daner was greatly appreciated by the audience with her role as Helen and Boran Kuzum as the Savaş.

These two names, who stand out in their productions with their strong acting and performances, are now giving interviews together and they are also covering some magazines.

Miray Daner and Boran Kuzum, who started to be talked about with Respect series, were also featured on the cover of Episode Magazine while conducting an interview for the November-December issue.

Both actors shared their poses for the magazine on their Instagram page, and while they received great admiration from their fans, praise comments began to be made.

You can see that cover pose that they give to professional models as well as acting, as if to take a stone, from Miray Daner’s Instagram post …

We were a guest on the cover of the November-December issue of @episodedergi with our dear @borankuzum. Thank you to the whole team.

Photo: @ozanbalta
Interview: @strangehobby
Styling: @porteristanbul @yasemineke
Makeup: @ugurkiral
Hair: @ ibrahim.junior
Styling Assistants: Merve Güreş, Özge Ekici
Special Thanks: @simgebirben

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