Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç duo consider themselves lucky!
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6 October 2022 13:34


Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç duo consider themselves lucky!

Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç duo, who met in the lead roles in the newly started Kara Tahta (Blackboard) series on TRT1 screen, has a great interest from their fans. In the comments made on social media, there is a general opinion that a good TV series couple will come out of these two.

The shooting of the Kara Tahta series continues in Edirne, and the first episode was broadcast on the evening of March 30. Although the ratings were below expectations, there will be a hopeful expectation for improvement in the coming weeks. Both lead actors of the series consider themselves lucky to be involved in this project.

Miray Daner and Furkan Andıç, who watched the first episode of the series with their teammates, stated that they were happy to appear before the audience with such a story. The social media reflection was also very positive, as both actors were ascribed to each other by their fans.

Miray Daner, who plays the character of Irmak in the series, plays a character who unconditionally follows what she believes in. This situation made the young actress very happy. Miray Daner said, “She believed wholeheartedly in the love she had with Atlas and waited for him for a long time, and then they met. Irmak’s story begins again after seeing Atlas. We tell a beautiful, exciting and naive story. I am very happy to be in it. We believe that we are doing a good job with my very valuable teammates.”

Like Miray Daner, who reflects her happiness on being in the cast of the series, her partner Furkan Andıç is also very pleased with the series.

Expressing that everyone has some wounds in their lives and the way they deal with these wounds is different, Furkan Andıç spoke as follows about his character: “The character of Atlas is getting through this very well, thanks to his mentor. In this sense, it is very valuable to me and I will be happy if I can convey this message to our audience.”

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