Miray Daner posed very pretentious
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1 December 2022 07:22


Miray Daner posed very pretentious

Miray Daner, who attracted great attention with her character Hilal in the TV series Wounded Love, is an actress who received leading roles with her success despite her young age… Miray Daner was recently featured in the series Respect, which was shot for Blu TV.

Speaking to MAG magazine, the actress also made a strong impression with her assertive poses. Speaking, “I am transparent and sincere when I am in love,” the actress was close to Kubilay Aka in the TV series Wounded Love as it will be remembered. The couple’s love ended in August 2019.

Speaking, “Digital platforms have provided diversity”, the actress is among the names that are present in the digital platform with her TV series Respect.

Miray Daner, who we know for the first time with the Bez Bebek series, who has achieved success with the MedCezir series and has established a throne with her performance in the Wounded Love series, came across the lens for the MAG October issue.

Stating that “I would be a psychologist or a sociologist if I hadn’t been an actor,” the successful Güzel comments on the impact of digital platforms on the TV series and film industry:

“It provided variety. More daring scenarios and free acting took their place in our lives with digital platforms. It was also necessary. Because when both the artist and the art are completely independent, the age jumps ”.

The beautiful actress, who stated that her life energy is high and positive, also gave tips about the TV series Respect, which will appear with a brand new image. Stating that she is transparent and sincere when she is in love, Miray Daner said about love:

“You can feel love not just between two people, but for everything that touches your soul. I think love is a kind of love that is at its peak. “

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