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20 May 2022 19:15


Mustafa Mert Koç gave the good news of a new project that will delight his fans!

Mustafa Mert Koç came to the last screen with the character of Ömer in the TV series Benim Adım Melek (My Name is Melek), and drew attention with his performance and handsomeness in the project, which lasted 2 seasons.

Answering the questions of reporters in a shopping mall with his lover Melisa Aslı Pamuk, Mustafa Mert Koç made candid statements about both his life and projects. The young actor, who started to be interested in music as well as acting, gave information about his new project, and said the following about his first piece that he will meet with his fans in the near future;

“I’m jumping into music right now. I will release a new song in a month. He has excitement. This is why we are in the studio nonstop. Lyrics and music are my own. I just discovered this talent. “

Giving information about the album he will be releasing in the next period, the actor said, “At first, there will be moving parts in the summer, then there will be romantic parts towards the winter season. All of those romantic pieces go very well with Melisa.”

When asked if there are any pieces describing Melisa, she replied, “Two of them are telling for now, you will hear it towards winter”.

In 2015, we watched Mustafa Mert Koç, who attracted attention with the character of Mert in the TV series Yeter, as Onur in the TV series Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır (Life is Sometimes Sweet). The young actor made his real debut with the character of Ömer in the TV series Benim Adım Melek, after the series Şahin Tepesi.

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